Please keep in mind that when purchasing our Whipped Shea Butter during the warmer months, there is a slight chance that your products may melt.

While we try our best to package products to prevent heat damage (thermal wrap, cold packs, freezing jars etc.), we've noticed that our Whipped Shea Butter just does not hold up well when left on a carrier truck or outside in the heat for a long period of time.  

Please keep in mind if are not available at the time of delivery there is a very high chance that your product will melt.  We can no longer accept liability for this happening and urge our customers to please consider halting your purchase until you are able to be present for delivery/willing to use the product as is. 

With that being said, purchasing our whipped shea butter during the summer months, you as the customer accept all liability when it comes to the heat damage.

If your products have melted click here on to get the most out your products.