Our company started when were on our honeymoon! 
Mary created a Whipped Shea Butter mix specifically for her hair and skin. 
We decided to give them out as wedding favors and our friends and family couldn't get enough!
Jimmy quickly put his graphic design skills to work, and here we are!
At Jimmy&Mary’s we create and sell authentic body care products for the entire family.
Our product line consists of natural body butters, soaps, aromatherapy blends and more. They're handmade, vegan, sustainably curated and cruelty-free
We've been doing business in Virginia Beach since 2013.
At Jimmy&Mary's our core values are Authenticity, Inclusivity and Hospitality:
Authenticity is central to every product and practice, adding value to each customer’s experience and assurance that no compromises were made in the process.
Inclusivity drives the company’s values of ever-broadening appeal to people’s vast and unique body care needs, regardless of background or age.
Hospitality best describes the delivery method. Whether in-store or online, guests deserve an experience that affirms their value and our appreciation.