Why We Create Massage Candles...

I remember the first time one of my customers came to me with the idea that I should make candles because my essential oil blends were so amazing.

At first, I flat out rejected the idea. I figured that as a body care company, we specialize strictly in 'body care'.

The Body Has Many Facets

A month later, the Universe brought us an amazing employee with equally amazing ideas. She suggested I try a massage candle. It was so foreign that I had to try it. I was blown away at the fact that different kinds of waxes can blend perfectly with oils and butters.

In realizing this, I also found that the customer had it right all along. Yes, we're a 'body care' company but the body consists of so much more than just the physical aspects. I began to realize that if your environment is not on point how can your body fully be on point. Candles aerosolize essentials that we in turn breathe in and experience as aromatherapy. That's body care!

So, I decided to knock it out of the park with Raw Shea Butter and Jojoba Oils.

The wax that we use is an Apricot and Coconut Wax which is a lot softer.

I've found that it makes my night time routine that much more calming. The room smells fantastic and the warm oil soothes any rough patches and soaks right in. No more cold starts to your massage!


We use wooden wicks (awesome crackling) so on your first light, allow the candle to melt all the way to the edge of the jar. Enjoy!

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